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Supplemental Claim Information Form
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Supplemental Claim Information Form

In order to provide you with the best response, please complete the following application with the most specific and accurate information available.

Before you start
Please make sure you have all relevant information on hand (i.e., membership ID#, partners/employees information, claims information -- if applicable), so that you will not be interrupted before completion.

Once you begin
If you are inactive for over 30 minutes, the application will time-out, and you will lose the data you have entered.

We will process your application as soon as possible.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Finish

current step
= current step

step validated
= step complete

step not validated
= step incomplete

1. Applicant or Company Name


Applicant Email Address

2. Full Name of individual(s) or firm involved in claim
First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name

3. Full Name of Claimant

First Name

Middle Initial


Last Name

4. Indicate whether this application is for a
5. Date of Alleged Error
6. Date of Claim

7a. Description of Claim (provide enough information to allow evaluation).

Please email a copy of the claim form to, or fax to (803) 782-0232.
7b. Description of case and events

8. Additional defendants


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